The Baltimore Album Society: 

The Baltimore Album Society has a newsletter that discusses quilt studies, quilt history, and keeping the “Baltimore Quilt Tradition” alive. More information is available on their website.

The Applique Society (TAS):

TAS has a newsletter that is quite informative and has “book notes and reviews” of quilt books, profiles of members, and very often, appliqué patterns. More information is available on their website.


The Sandhills Quilters Guild is a talented and prolific group of quilters. If you’d like to see what our members are doing, please use the link to visit our Flickr website to view our photo gallery.

Roey Mendel now has a booth at Twigg & Company 206 N Sandhills Blvd  in Aberdeen.

Beginning January 3rd, I will be displaying my memory quilts/t-shirt quilts, upcycled jackets, vintage patchwork and more.  Vendors are not generally on site but I would be very happy to welcome visitors .  I can be reached by phone at (585) 749-4826 or  My booth sign will read Roey's Quilts .  My facebook and website is  Thanks,  enjoy the holidays and thanks again.

Patchwork and Poodles

Hi! I’m Eliane! I’m a modern quilt pattern designer. Here you’ll find tutorials, free patterns, and more. Grab a coffee, sit down, and hang out a while. I’m glad you’re here.  Download the "Quilt-project-tracker-sheet"

Sandhills Quilters Guild